Submission Guidelines

The Gorge Literary Journal is a small place to hear large voices. Published twice a year within the Hood River News and on The Gorge Lit website, it is an open opportunity for local writers.

Gorge Lit is 100% volunteer driven. Please remember this.

Detailed Guidelines (It may seem like a hassle to you to be this detailed, but it’s more of a hassle for us if we have 100 submissions to read, organize, and select from. If you deviate from these guidelines, we likely won’t have time to read your piece.)

  • Gorge Lit accepts previously unpublished work.
  • Most genres are welcome and all work submitted within these guidelines will be read.
  • Multiple submissions are welcome, but if your work is picked up elsewhere, do the right thing and tell us. All submissions are anonymous.
  • Do not include identifying information in the body of the submitted piece or it will immediately be rejected. The submission tool matches your name to your work after an editorial decision has been made.
  • Only two submissions per author. This means a maximum of two prose pieces, OR two poetry pieces, OR one of each. Please include both poetry pieces in one document/submission.
  • We accept the following formats: Word, Plain Text, PDF.
  • Submission body must be in Time New Roman font, 12 point. Title can be in Time New Roman, 14 or 16 point.
  • Poetry, flash fiction and essays are the most accessible candidates for our readership. (We get a lot of poetry, since we don’t want all poetry editions, we actively seek fiction, that’s a hint.)
  • Generally shorter is better. 500 word maximum for prose, or 40 lines per poem (including skipped lines between verses). Shorter pieces have a much better chance of acceptance. Please post word count at top of the page for prose entries.
  • Your work may be edited for space considerations.
  • Remember that your audience is a public newspaper. Work that is not selected or suitable for newspaper publication may be published on The Gorge Lit website, and you would be notified if that occurs. Work that appears in the newspaper will be on the website approximately a month after print publication.
  • There is currently no financial remuneration for acceptance. You retain the copyright for your work.

Since we are volunteers, we cannot edit your work. It will be published as submitted. Because of this, it is polished, edited work that has the best chance of acceptance. Hastily submitted first drafts are disappointing, especially when we can tell that a little more effort from the writer would have made it wonderful. While Gorge Lit will consider most genres, we will not consider the following:

  • Political or religious manifestos.
  • Work that promotes or perpetuates hate.
  • Novel excerpts that cannot stand alone as flash fiction.

Preference is given to local writers. If you live elsewhere, and your work is not about the Columbia River Gorge area, then it’s unlikely your piece will be accepted.

And remember, whether you submit here, elsewhere, or nowhere, don’t ever stop writing.