Memory of Love

Jun 19, 2016 by

Coming in the door after school,
The smell of fresh baked bread
Blew over me like a gentle breeze,

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The Walk

Jun 18, 2016 by

Hand in hand we walk up the main avenue of the orchard. This corridor divides pears from apples, and we sample the sugary crispness of both. My daughter cradles her newborn son in a sling across her heart.

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The Hour of Resurrection

Jun 17, 2016 by

The tangled web of naked oaks
Bathed in early morning light,
Cuts jagged faces in a sky
of peaches and cream.

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Jun 16, 2016 by

I want a love that loves like a verb, that has action to the other side of longing. A love that can take what’s there, see through the layers and love what it sees. A love that is a lifeline to truth.

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Despair and Hope

Jun 15, 2016 by

I heard you get in around midnight.
The dogs did their due diligence then scrambled back in bed.
I dozily called out and you said, “Goodnight. I love you, mama.”
“I love you too, Tay.”

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After Dam Decommissioning

Jun 14, 2016 by

I remember
resting in wooden chairs
while vain trees primp in your reflection

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